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Your 100% Waterproof & Extremely Durable Number Supplier

We Pride Ourselves on Excellent Customer Service.

We are a business to business manufacturing company. Our number products are manufactured to each client’s order yielding perfectly carved numbers with no sharp edges or inside corners to collect environmental dirt and grime.

The OutdoorNumbers.com brand, developed over the past 2 decades serving new construction projects in the Marina, Home Building and Recreation Industries. 

We also specialize in supplying replacement numbers to these same industries as well as Property and Homeowner’s Associations. We start with a USA made 100% waterproof polymer sheet that is color formulated when produced. Our number products contain no paints, metals, vinyl or PVC materials. Products other than Staff Gauges come in 3 material thicknesses: 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4”. Thickness selection is determined by number size, application, mounting method and the desired look.

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All signs and separate cut numbers and letters have round-over edges. All screw holes are counter-sunk for flush mount screws. Stud-mount products are provided Hole Patterns at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Our numbers will last decades with minimal color fade and are always shipped ready for installation.



New website OutdoorNumbers.com is launched and presents the best of our number sign products and also introduces our new staff gauge products. The very first gauges to use recycled plastic lumber in a major way. These gauges are made from PolyForce material, a stock produced by Tangent Technologies, LLC.

Marina number projects were completed for installations from Key West, FL to Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, WI throughout 2018.


APRIL 2019

OutdoorNumbers.com products are selected to supply the slop and dock number signs for the re-construction project at the New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor. This project will have over 400 slips when completed later in 2019.

MARCH 2019

CAM Components Co., LLC, Stuart, FL joins the Association of Marina Industries as a new supplier member. Marina numbering projects continue to be a major part of our current work and a focus for our future.

JAN 2019

We fabricated and shipped our first pair of tide gauges to Richmond, CA. The gauges are to be installed at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor and are 11.5-ft. tall overall.

You Can Count On OutdoorNumbers.com for Quality!


The Most Durable, Visible & Waterproof Slip and Dock Numbers for your Marina Facility.

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Bold and Visible in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Colors Customized for your Application.

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Versatile, Durable and Low Maintenance for Golf Courses, Hiking Trails, Ball Fields and Courts.

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Manufactured from 100% Recycled 2-Color, Waterproof Polymer Composite Board Stock.

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